Our Westminster Mall store is closed – Please go to our Orchard Town Center location

March 21, 2008

Starting February 01, 2011 our Westminster Mall store is closed. Our Orchard Town Center is OPEN as usual. All layaways, special orders, etc. will be at the Orchard store. Direction and map to Orchard can be found on the Orchard Store page.

See you there!


Thank You for Your Comments

March 21, 2008

We recently receive many comments on our WordPress blog, thank you very much. But please do excuse us if we cannot respond to your questions or requests. Please contact us directly, using email or phone here: Contact Us page.


March 15, 2007

We came across a Wikipedia article which lists the styles of formal wear, quoted here for your references:

“…The degrees of formal wear and its component elements are described in the individual fashion article below:

– Men’s Styles

Evening styles:

Court dress – for wear at Royal court

White tie (Tailcoat)

Black tie (dinner jacket in British English, tuxedo in American English)

Day Styles:

Frock coat

Morning dress


Lounge suit

Grey tie (combination of the tail coat and the black tie style, only worn by servants and waiters)

– Women’s Styles


Evening gown – describes elements of women’s formal dress

Cocktail dress

– Unisex Attire

Court dress – worn in a court of law

Academic regalia – the costume of academics and graduates

Dress uniform – the most formal military uniform

Mess dress – formal wear for military personnel

Better Linking

March 8, 2007

To make our website more useful and easer to surf, we’ve added direct links from one internal page to another related page, or pages. For instant, in our Prom Dresses page, we added 3 links: Long Prom Dresses, Mix Selection 1, and Mix Selection 2. So when a customer search for prom dresses, she now has 4 selections to look at.

PS. Attention, high school juniors and seniors: Prom shopping is hot already. We try to keep our stock full but sometimes not all choices are available. So get yours before you run out of choices.

Welcome to the New PartyCloz.com

February 2, 2007

Thanks to visitors’ suggestions, our official website has been redesigned to be easier, clearer, and more efficient for the shoppers. See for yourself! The dresses have been separated into categories as displayed on the navigation manu on the left side. And it is easier to find contact information, and directions to our store.

Many dresses have been added into the online catalog, especially in the prom dresses section. It is now February, but it is time for you highschoolers to start looking. Late spring or early summer will be harder to find the right dresses. We are not only one of the largest prom store and bridal shop in the Denver Colorado area, we also have been serving people across the US, and even oversea contries. Yes that’s right, we have shipped abroad.

Thank you all for your support and your trust in us.

An actual prom dress in stock at www.partycloz.com2007 prom dress styleAn elegant gown for your prom night

Prom Dresses and Gowns for 2009

December 20, 2006

Please see this prom dress page for new styles.

Screenshot of 2009 prom dresses and gowns

Screenshot of 2009 prom dresses and gowns

Style G0137 Flower Girl Dresses

October 20, 2006

Style G0137 Flower Girl Dresses

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